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Build boxes for wall-mounted toilet flush (x2)

Hinta 446,00 €


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We installed two new wall-mounted toilet seats. However, the flushing contraptions on the walls are yet to be encased in boxes. We are looking for a carpenter/builder to build these boxes. Please see the attached picture. There are two such toilets seats, one in bathroom and the other in a separate toilet.

Please note the following requirements:
1. We prefer to build the encasing boxes using modern boards, such as Fibo boards.
2. The top of the encasings could be a piece of some stylish wooden countertop board, but other ideas are welcome.
3. The toilet bowl may need to be removed to fit the fround part of the box. So, please take that into consideration.
4. The fittings must be waterproof at the bases, hence need proper sealing at the edges.
5. The fittings much be removable to enable maintenance in the future.
7. Debris after the work must be taken away.
8. Work is preferable in the week of June 3 - June 10 since I will be home to provide input. Other times are also acceptable if that week is not possible.
9. Speaking only Finnish is fine since my Family members can speak Finnish (please call the phone number for additional details).
10. Payments could be agreed on hourly basis, or your could offer a project price. Materails costs are extra and paid based on invoice.

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